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We manage everything!

In addition to the sale, we manage your property if you want

  • Mandates for conducting small jobs
  • Terminations constructions after bankruptcy due to an overrun of the construction loan etc.
  • Studies use changes
  • Concierge for rental, factories and homes-
  • Maintenance, repairs, cleaning and disposal of household waste in factories, houses, apartments, etc.
  • Other work as appropriate

To control all these particular works, our two companies use, according to case and problem solving, to selected specialists (experienced and well-trained personnel in the field of debt collection and bankruptcy, former executives of special affairs in various banks , specialists in credit, architects, accountants and trustees).

Financing Solutions

We support our customers, together with our credit specialists in the area of funding.

Special affairs / Recovery

Suisse Immobilier and it’s sister Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier work since their creation, for banking departments, special affairs, Recovery and Workout involved. During these activities, we have acquired a large know-how in the field of remediation, and around topics “bankruptcy / seizure / sale.” Example: potential buyers research before a forced realization (by mutual agreement / or for the auction) in order to prevent the bank should acquire an object in a forced auction sale.

Mandate of measure

Suisse Immobilier is open to novelty. We review applications and accept orders outside of our normal occupation.

For more information, please contact us.