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New set up at TOP Suisse Immobilier Ltd.

Since November 2023, Hanspeter Gerber has been in charge of succession planning and company valuation.

Hanspeter Gerber holds a degree in business administration is a Certified Auditor with over 30 years of professional experience at a large international auditing firm.

He held various management positions, such as Partner in Charge of Office in Bern.

His experience includes auditing, advising and supporting family businesses in various situations such as start-ups, expansion, reorganization, restructuring, growth financing and succession planning.

With his extensive experience, Hanspeter Gerber has been an ideal addition to the team at Top Suisse Immobilier GmbH You can view the detailed CV here.


Business succession is a complex process on various levels.

It affects companies and entrepreneurs and is accompanied by a wide range of personal, strategic, entrepreneurial, financial and tax issues. This complexity places high demands on entrepreneurs and successors, but above all on the accompanying consultants

Hanspeter Gerber has experience from various company succession projects and brings with him the necessary business knowledge and technical experience, but above all empathy and the ability to work successfully with a wide variety of personalities.

Our methodology differentiates into two levels, both of which interact with each other:

  • Enterprise
    Understanding of business model, value drivers, potentials, balance sheet structures, earnings, investment needs and finally transaction value
  • Owner / Family
    Evaluation of different succession models, financing options, asset planning, division of estates, tax aspects, family constitution, structuring of ownership structures

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about company succession, please do not hesitate to contact us