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TOP Suisse Immobilier evaluates properties of all kinds

In addition to single-family & multi-family homes, we value mixed properties (residential & commercial), office, condominium properties & units, building land, etc.

Thanks to the vast experience of our appraisers, we also value special properties such as
– shopping centers
– industrial and commercial buildings
– portfolio
– camping
– stately homes
– Properties with short remaining useful life
– Conversion and renovation objects
– etc.

Hotel or restaurant properties are valued by our sister company Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier.

Our TOP qualified and experienced appraisers also assess special and exceptional cases, e.g. around the market value of construction right propertys
– of the exercised construction right (buildings completed)
– land encumbered with construction rights
– during the construction period
– not exercised construction right
– etc.

You have also come to the right place for the valuation of rights and encumbrances:
Right of way
– building restriction
– Transfer of utilization use
– usufruct
– right of abode
– etc.

Reorganization at TOP Suisse Immobilier

Since February 1, 2023, Urs Bürgy has headed the Real Estate Valuations division.

Urs Bürgy is a graduate architect with 18 years of professional experience. He joined the real estate valuation department of a major bank and soon became head of the valuation department “Mittelland” (Cantons BE, SO, BL, BS, AG, FR). In the course of his work, he prepared countless valuations himself, as well as appraisals from other institutions.
In addition to single and multi-family homes, condominiums, construction projects, site developments, portfolio valuations, luxury properties, office/commercial buildings, commercial buildings, industrial properties and special properties of all kinds (gas stations, high-bay storage facilities, logistics buildings, agricultural properties, construction rights properties, etc.) were among the properties appraised.

Urs Bürgy has ideally complemented the team of Top Suisse Immobilier GmbH with his great experience. You can view the detailed curriculum vitae here.